Introduction to Religion: What is Religion?

Examine all kinds of college textbooks about world religions. You will find many and varied things labeled as religions. This means that our first task- or our first problem- is coming up with a description that fits them all. We need to have some basis for understanding and comparing them. Various approaches have been takingContinue reading “Introduction to Religion: What is Religion?”

Original Monotheism: Summary

Where did religion come from? What were its earliest forms? Scholars of religion and historians have given many answers to these questions over the centuries. In recent years, the question has become very complicated by subjectivism. A broad acceptance of Materialist presuppositions has spoiled the discussion, and Postmodernism has made it a mess beyond redemption.Continue reading “Original Monotheism: Summary”

Homily Advent 1

Advent 1                                              2020               Why does Advent begin with a Palm Sunday Gospel? Hebrew has two words for “palm” and two major events give the answers. One word is “tamar.” A woman named Tamar was an ancestor of David, included in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus, Messiah, Son of David. The other word is Elim,Continue reading “Homily Advent 1”

Baptism, Confirmation, and First Communion: Some Historical, Theological, and Practical Observations

Rev. Dr. Patrick S. Fodor    The topic of infant Communion (and the relationship between Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist) has become a subject of discussion and concern throughout Christendom.  What is the relationship between Baptism, Confirmation, and the reception of the Eucharist? What reasons can be put forward for admitting infants to the Holy Supper,Continue reading “Baptism, Confirmation, and First Communion: Some Historical, Theological, and Practical Observations”

Reasons for the Rejection of the Documentary Hypothesis

While recent literary analysis, cultural commentaries, and patristic materials all invaluable, and some insights of scholars using the Documentary Hypothesis have been very valuable, the DH itself highly problematic Careful scholarly investigation of the Documentary hypothesis has shown that many of its presuppositions and core principles are in error.

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